1/12 TWELVEnturesof2016 Series | Fortune Island


Early this year, despite our busy adult schedules, me and my friends, decided to go someplace new every month. Thus the hashtag #TWELVEnturesof2016!

For the month of January, our chosen destination was Fortune Island.


Trivia: Just a quick background about Fortune Island. It was long owned by former Batangas Governor Jose Antonio Leviste. It’s supposed to be a Greek Inspired Luxury Beach Club resort. But because of some pertinent issues and controversies regarding the island’s legal ownership, the development was stopped.



We opted for a private car. (Thank God for Waze app). Our route was via CAVITEX passing through Kabiyang Tunnel the longest tunnel in the Philippines which connects Ternate, Cavite and Nasugbu, Batangas through Mt. Palay-Palay.



You can also commute by riding a Bus going to Nasugbu Batangas at Cubao and Coastal Mall terminals then alight at Jollibee, Nasugbu Batangas. Travel time is about 3-4 hours. Then from there just take a tricycle to Fortune Island Resort after which you’d have to take the boat going the Island. Travel time from Fortune Island Resort to Fortune Island will take a little more than an hour, depends on the condition of the sea.


*Shores of Fortune Island Resort ❤️


Upon arriving, I was in awe of it’s semi fine white sand beach and it’s clear turquoise colored water. The shore has rock/coral formations underneath, which means boats can’t dock close on the shores. So we had to go down on thigh deep water and walk our way to the shore. (*on this note, be sure to bring extra sets of clothes)

* the rocky shores that I’m talking about

*place where we put up our tents

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Unlike Cebu’s Canyoneering, this is a jump and dive at your own risk type. You provide your own life jacket and all. We borrowed ours from our boat transfers. But luckily during our stay, there are some locals there who assisted us when we cliff jumped.


*us about to cliff jump! Weee! For non-swimmers don’t forget to borrow life jackets from your boat tranfers. Again this is a dive at your own risk type of cliff jumping/diving.

And the ever famous Fortune Island Pillars!



image image

*Being the fashionista that I am, I didn’t dare miss taking advantage of the picturesque Pillars of the island! #IMKIMSANTIAGOwearswhat in Fortune Island post HERE.


So here’s another proof that you can travel without spending that much! All in all my expenses didn’t go beyong P2000 pesos.
Here’s a quick rundown of our expenses:
*group of 5, private car, Roundtrip (Disclaimer: this is how we budgeted ours. You can tweak and customize it and save more by bringing your own tents etc. )

Gasoline (Diesel roundtrip) P440
Toll (total)  P250
Groceries/ Food/ Market P3000
Boat Transfer P1000/head

All in all each of us just spent around P1800 only!

*boat transfer needs: Mang Dante/Nanay Sarah 09394895292


*Our boat transfer comes with free P50 pesos block worth of ice, 1 container Nawasa Water and 1 container Mineral Drinking Water.
*You can order additional ice or water but make sure to order it before hand because it’ll travel by sea (1-2 hours) and also will depend on boat schedules going to Fortune Island
*Best to bring your own cooler to preserve food
*You can rent tents for P400 good for 3-4 pax
*Don’t expect too much on their comfort rooms. Also you can order extra Nawasa water because sometimes the bathrooms don’t have enough water

*Bring lots of garbage bags to waterproof your bags.

What a better way to end this post by me telling you a story of how we got off the Island.

We contacted our boat transfer to pick us up at 10am, but due to the intense waves we got picked up at around 1pm. We were asked to go over the other side where we cliff jumped because the sea’s much calmer there. But that would also mean we have to trek ermm okay, maybe climb our way up to the stairs (incase you didn’t know, I’d really avoid climbing and trekking of some sort at all costs! hahaha). To make the long story short, we opted for the what seems to be the “easy” way-the shores. With the rock formations underneath and the strong waves, we were askedto swim to our banka which is I think a more than 100m away from us.

We placed our valuables-wallets, phones, cameras and powerbanks in plastics. Put our lifevests on, then we swam our way to our boat. I haven’t taken yet any swimming lessons during this trip. It’s just the lifevest and me against all the madness.

So here I am, taking my first few steps off the shore, holding the rope from our boat as my guide,just relying on my vest to stay afloat. Then big waves after big waves I was in panic mode and crying already hahaha! That feeling when you’re still in the recovering stage then there’s that endless another one again.

With my friends still on the shore, and my swimmer friend near the boat, I’m here stuck in the middle of the ocean when finally Kuya Bankero saved me! Phew!

Despite the breathtaking (also literally) experience, I think this is the first time I have truly appreciated the beauty of the sea. Ahh the beauty and endless adventures it holds! ?



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