5 Reasons Why You Should Have PayMaya ASAP!


1. Easy to load


Unlike the usual debit cards, with PayMaya, no more long waiting lines at the bank. PayMaya has partnered with major money centers and banks to which you can load your card easy peasy! You can even load it up at 7/11 stores nearest you. How convenient!
2. Perfect for trips

This is tried and tested. We went to La Union And most establishments there are now accepting PayMaya as mode of payment. All you have to do is scan the QR code and you’re good to go!

3. Cashless transactions

You can use it as a credit card to complete online transactions. You can now score those sale flights with ease. Or just about anything that requires visa credit cards.

4. Pay your bills

Yes! You can pay your electricity and water bills and so much more via PayMaya. Saves you so much time again from lining up at payment centers.

5. Load your own phone

You can also load up your own phone and others. Just simply key in your phone number and that’s it! No extra charge. Not only that, you can also send money to other PayMaya Account just by using their cellphone numbers.


Download the app now and experience PayMaya first hand!

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