Online Shop 101: Tips for Online Sellers

I’ve been an online seller for ProjectKooture for quite some time now, and I’m just so overwhelmed with all the positive feedbacks and love I’ve been receiving. So what a better way to share back the love by sharing some tips! I hope you find them helpful if ever you want to open your own […]


Dreamy White

In case you still haven’t noticed it yet, I literally go crazy over one of a kind bikinis! Since I only have my occasional getaways once in a blue moon ( because hi busy friends! Haha ) I always see to it that I have something nice to wear. The past weeks prior to our Crystal […]

At Home Photoshoot Tips

While we can’t always spend so much on renting studios and hiring professional photographers, we can always use alternatives when the inner model in us wants to come out once in a while. Because what’s better than having great photos at the comfort of your own homes? (YES! So much win!) 1. CHOOSE A BACKGROUND Your background […]