How to Have a Great Instagram Feed


Hashtag #feedgoals!

Your Feed is the summation of all your posts. It is the first thing people see when they click on your profile. That’s just about a few seconds difference away to gaining a follower. Take advantage of it! Listed below are the tips you can try to level up your feed gaming.


1. Use one filter.


You don’t have to be the most coveted photographer to achieve those dreamy sultry effects to post Instagram worthy photos. That’s what filters are for! Well this one’s an easy breezy way of creating one fluid transition of a feed. This will instantly groom your feed and look coordinated.

Below are a set of random RAW pictures from my camera roll.11


AFTER using one filter. Certain adjustments were applied- like the saturation, exposure and so on. Totally depends on you and the picture you’re working on.image1


2. Have a theme.


To help with the consistency and commitment issues (ehem..), choose a theme that suits your personality. Are you one of the basicers? Do you love black and white? Or do you imbibe the “life’s a work of art you gotta paint it colorful” mantra?

Just like how themed parties are always a hit, a well thought of motif also can rock any Instagram feed! Here are some feed theme inspirations.


The Sophisticated Minimalist Feed by @angeliaprsc



The Colorful Mantra by @notes_from_monroe



When it comes to food, not only the taste matters! Foodie lover’s themed feed by @tenthousandthspoon



 Timeless Classic Basics. Feed by @idaandu



You can ran out of colors but not of style. Queen of Black by @chaocampo



4. Choose one layout for pictures.

Aside from consistency, uniformity is another key.

Hi OCs! Im not an OC person but something about all perfectly squared pictures placed side by side make me happy. Decide on the orientation of all your posts- doesn’t have to be an all square, all portraits, or all landscapes. You may also try creating your identity by using other shapes. Why not!


5. Have a Guinea IG Feed.

If you are like me, someone who can’t commit to just one set of filters and you’ve got gazillions of personalities and moods to theme your feed, here’s one you can try!

What I do is I have my “trial IG feed”, which is my VSCO app library. I Arrange my posts before posting them. This way, I can have a black and white next to a colorful picture or a vintage looking picture next to my selfie! This technique can also break the over uploading of your selfie posts or your food posts. Pretty much like a mosaic of your daily momentos creating one big picture of memories.

Tried this one on one of my recent getaways where in I had lots of pictures to post and I don’t know which one to upload! Then I noticed my VSCO library, with it’s three-squared orientation, looks pretty much like an Instagram profile. Aha! Lightbulb! Haha! And this is the result!



While most focus on how a single picture looks like. Try looking at the bigger piece-which is your feed. Try layouting your posts first. See what looks good beside each other. What post should comes first and so on. I used different filters here but how you arrange them altogether makes it your masterpiece!




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