Late Night Thoughts


This is kind of an impulsive post. Bear with me if my thoughts are scattered. Haha


Just had another collection at my online shop today at @ProjectKooture around 8:30pm today and it’s 11pm now.


The usual scenario, answering queries and giving invoices to those who commented “mine”.

Then one customer messaged me with this


Okay, not to brag, but I will brag. Haha! PK has now 29k+++ followers already. I know, you might think what’s that compared to other online shops with almost a hundred followers, right?

Wala lang, it’s just so heartwarming to read messages like this. It made me look back to those times na I was really struggling to make this online shop work like my life depends on it.

I started PK during my college years, I think it was during my 2nd year college.  A lot of people, even my friends didn’t know I was really struggling with finances.

Yung tipong malaglagan ka ng piso di ka na makakauwi. Hahaha. I can’t even afford to eat a 10peso bananacue. Kahit photocopy nag thi-think triple pa ako. That kind of struggle.

But when I got my first gadget with a camera, an iPod Touch from my mom as a birthday present I think. Di ko din alam, I just had the audacity to ask for that kasi alam ko di naman mabibigay. Di ako namilit ha. Parinig lang yata. Haha I can’t remember really. But all I know was that we can’t surely afford that. But to my surprise my mom made a way. Kahiya. I know.

I keep saying to myself that time, “No, Kim, di mo to deserve. Dapat sa basic needs niyo nalang napunta yung pinambili ng gadget nato.”  I felt really guilty, but I don’t want to sell it either. Haha Huhu so I thought of an alternative and in the process turned it into an investment instead. That’s when it all started.

God knows the kind of hell I went through just to get stocks from here to there with this little tiny body. Ay pramiss!! You wouldn’t imagine. Finding suppliers with super limited budget. Pressured decision making because one wrong move, I can lose all my working capital and not be able to fund another again. Ganern.


But God is good, He never abandons and always listens to our prayers. You just have to do your very best with what you got, have faith and trust in Him with his plans.


Years later life got so much better, my mom got a stable job already and my baon got better too! Syempre! Haha but instead of splurging I saved up most of it and invested more sa online shop. Spent more on research and development. Char. Haha in other words searching for new suppliers who can give me a much lesser price if I avail so many items.

That’s how I got better items to sell at an affordable price.?

So yun lang mga bakla, I just hope that whatever you’re going through right now, push lang ng push esp if gustong gusto mo talaga. Parang si Queen Pia dibaa?

All your hardwork, kahit feel mo madalas ikaw lang nakakakita, and walang nakaka appreciate, I’m telling you, MERON! You just have to look up and pray. And one day it’s all going to be okay. Just do your best everytime and trust His timing.


PS: Pakibilugan or paki note mabuti yung “HIS” sa His timing na sinasabi ko. HIS. Not YOUR timing. Okay? :)

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