Makeup 101 | Personal Hair and Makeup Workshop by Kim Santiago


I have been receiving overwhelming requests of doing personal live makeup workshop tutorials and so I thought, why not! ☺️


Unkown to many, I was just as clueless like most girls about anything makeup related as late as my college days! The picture above’s taken way back in 2010 hehe freshie days. You can read all about how I started with my makeup career here (LIFE AS A MAKEUP ARTIST | HOW I STARTED WITH MAKEUP ).

I’m not saying that there’s anything wrong with being bare faced, but you and I have to admit that proper grooming goes beyond just personal hygiene- taking a bath, brushing your teeth etc. Those are all just basic.

Makeup’s not at all only superficial but goes beyond what’s being seen. In my experience, it runs deep into your cores, boosts your self esteem and unleashes something inside you that makes you feel like you can conquer the world with just a swipe of a lipstick!

**this is me a few years later in my everyday makeup and night makeup, nothing much has changed except that now I know what and where to enhance. No rocket science in here! all patience, practice and the eagerness to improve yourself. 


**me in my easy night makeup! another plus is that you’ll surely save thousands of pesos by just learning to do your own makeup! so consider this workshop as an investment for yourself :)
•Got no clue about anything makeup related
• A freshie graduate who doesn’t know how to properly groom yourself for job interviews
•Someone who’s got tons of makeups but don’t know how to use them
•Aspiring hair and makeup artist
•A heartbroken babe na may gustong patunayan?
 If you can relate on any of the mentioned above eapecially the last one, then this workshop is for you!
•Learn the basics of makeup
    -Choosing your base
    -Concealing techniques
•Post and Pre makeup routine/care
•Learn to do your own Day to Night makeup
    -Basic Smokey Eyes
    -False Eyelashes Application
•Learn basic hairstyling (beach waves? simple updos? big curls? you’ll learn my easy techniques in this workshop!)


•Basic Contour and Highlighting
•Groom your own brows
•Certificate that you completed the workshop
•1 Beauty Lounge Salon Promo Voucher of P2850 Dual Signature Ash Tone promo ANY LENGTH ( full details HERE )
•Special Loot Bag ❤️
One regular slot will only cost you only P2500/head

Special Promos and Discounts:

•Grab a friend and pay only P1500 each!
•20% off Early Bird Discount when you avail on or before November 8
Available Workshop Dates are
November 13 and November 27 
Inquiries and RSVP | 09363476564 Sonia Velasco
Or you can personally ask me on all my social media accounts!

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