My Life as a Makeup Artist


Never have I ever imagined that I’d make a career out of makeup. So much more hell no as a makeup artist  and a hairstylist.






If you have seen me during my younger days, I was this little nene girl who’d always get scolded by her father because I don’t dress like my mom and sister (who are by the way loves all the girly stuff in the world). Until today, I’m still wondering how I’ve change from a pants-tshirt-slippers kind of girl to the “maarte” that I am right now. (maarte in a way that I’m into fashion, makeup and all the girly stuff)



*yep that’s me sitting pretty  on a monkey bar during 6th grade -or 1st year HS? . hahahaha! pants-tshirt-slippers days


*me during my first year in college. who would have thought that one year later I’d be paid to do makeup? 😀

Originally, it was my sister who was really into makeup. While I, on the other hand, literally sports the “No Makeup Makeup Look” – yeah! before it was cool! haha!


*My sister doing my makeup because I really have no idea how to do my own face. You can also read my short makeup story on my tumblr blog before here.


I didn’t start big. I didn’t start with complete makeup brushes nor have those big makeup traincases with lights when I had my first paid client. Believe it or not, all my makeup fits inside an iPad box. But I said to myself that no matter how little my makeup collection is, I got all the makeup skills to back it up (sometimes you need to pep talk yourself too! haha).


*me as a makeup artist in action, first paid client :)

What I did was, I studied my client’s facial features and really asked specifically for the pegs and all her requests. Then I gathered all the makeups that I have on the floor (which is btw all my sister’s!) and experimented on myself to come up with the look. I just had to do with whatever existing makeup that I had because I had no budget back then for buying new ones.


*my first paid client, what do you think?

But here I am, from what was just an iPad box as my makeup bag, I now have my super cutesy makeup traincase. From what was just a free service, now I’m greatly blessed to be receiving an amount I’ve never thought of receiving for doing something that I love.


*my most loved bag of mine, my makeup traincase, taken during my makeup tutorial event with TV4me at TV5 studio

From friends, to friends of friends, to sometimes a total stranger (someone who just sees my works on my social media platforms) to corporations which paved the way for me to experience commercial shoots. I can now say that this kind of job is something that I’d love to do until I get old.

Being a Makeup Artist wasn’t easy either. I usually get comments that my job is very easy. Yes, my job’s easier because I enjoy what I do, but there are also times when being a makeup artist goes beyond all the glitz and glamour.

One is dealing with clients who thinks that makeup artists are surgeons (hi fellow HMUA! I know yah feel me!) Makeup is a powerful tool but it also has it’s limits. Makeup artists can only do so much. We can enhance but not completely alter features.

Another are the days when you don’t sleep anymore because of wee hour early call times. Since I always travel alone by taxi cabs, my biggest challenge probably was how to get to my client’s place alive! haha. I’m not generalizing but there has been quite an alarming news about taxi incidents. Again, I can’t let anything stop me from doing my craft. I have dealt with this by buying breakfast first then giving it to the driver the moment I get to the cab (hoping that my small act of kindness will make him think twice before hurting me or something). So far it works! 😀

I know there are a lot of much better makeup artist out there who has achieved so much in life. But I just want to share my story and somehow inspire everyone that no matter how impossible or how little you start, to just really go and pursue your passion. Sure it wouldn’t be easy, there’ll be lots of obstacles along the way, that’s always a given, but when you come to think of it, there’s really no easy job, but at least you’re happy with what you do.

Isn’t that what matters most?


-Kim <3




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  1. Hi Kim, been following your blog which you seldom update hehe but when you post you really put a good content like this one. Nothing wrong with being a make-up artist, I find it fabulous and challenging. I like the idea of giving a coffee to the cab driver, that’s an epic. Love your hairstyles too. Btw, what do you use to achieve that kind of curls the one you’re sporting in the last pic? Thanks.

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