Online Shop 101: Tips for Online Sellers


I’ve been an online seller for ProjectKooture for quite some time now, and I’m just so overwhelmed with all the positive feedbacks and love I’ve been receiving. So what a better way to share back the love by sharing some tips! I hope you find them helpful if ever you want to open your own online shop.


PK (ProjectKooture) is about 5 years old right now but it only has started gaining followers when I started the “Working Girl” Line. I think it was a hit because there are only a few online shops like me that cater one of a kind modern-ish clothes to the Working Girl market. Differentiate your shop to others. Create something that only you can offer to the market.


I’ve seen a lot of sellers commenting back to their followers’ inquiry in a very masungit way like “already posted, make reading a habit”. Sometimes they even rant on their feed talking about how they also have other things to do besides being an online seller and so on. But my stand in here is that, sure sometimes people will really get into your nerves, but we still have to react to them as Professional Business people.

So how about instead of replying “already posted, please read..” why don’t we just answer the query since you’re also replying right? (I get it that you’re annoyed but don’t make it even worse by losing a potential buyer)


Make your customers comfortable talking to you. Make them feel that it’s okay to ask questions, put smileys if you need to. With PK, I offer to measure certain parts of the clothes just to make sure that my customers are at ease with what they’re purchasing. I even do actual when worns even though I’ve posted a when worn already on site. I also track and coordinate delayed and lost packages myself. And even if the fault is at the end of the courier, I always offer compensation items to my buyers.


This is an online shop. People can’t see your products physically. As an online shop seller, it is our job to answer honestly all their queries. Some of my clients would ask me if what’s the cloth material of the clothes. Since I’m really not familiar with fabrics, I offer to take close photos of the materials so that my buyer can decide for themselves. Also due to photography limitations, don’t be offended if they ask for actual pictures because if I’m also in their shoes, I also want to make sure I get my money’s worth.

Be honest. Sure you’d make a sale by lying but they’ll not purchase again plus you’ll have a bad reputation. Aim for repeat customers because that’s what will make up the most of your sales plus referrals! (Best and cheapest form of advertisement)


Have giveaways once in a while. Teat your loyal customers with freebies. A little appreciation wont hurt.


Make paying easy for your customers
By having multiple choices for your payment terms.


Choose a trusted courier and also take note of the shipping fee. Since my items are not considered “valuables” I have partnered with just a medium but trusted courier enterprise. But if your business needs more care when it comes to shipping, it is advisable to partner with the big players in the delivery business.

I also treat my courier’s rider (Kuya Dani) like my customer. I usually give him treats/snacks whenever he ships for me. I do this because my courier is the extension of my service as an online shop seller. Therefore it is vital that you treat them nice as well.

*rather than a once or twice a week shipping schedule also it is best to have an everyday shipping.


I’m very considerate when it comes to payment terms, I think my customers can attest to this. It’s okay to be considerate but know also your limits. Know when your customer’s lying and when they’re telling the truth. Also always verify the payment made before shipping the item. Have them send a picture of the receipts. What I do usually with my BOGUS/JOY RESERVERS is I mark them with angry emojis so that the next time they inquire, I’ll just ignore them. Haha!

PS: All of these are just my opinion based from my experience as an online seller for ProjectKooture :) Let me know if you have some tips to share too!


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