Holiday Thoughts

Hmm.. Celebrating this year’s Christmas made me realize that a lot has changed the past few years. I was no longer that kid anymore my mom used to tag along going from houses to houses visiting relatives to get aguinaldos. I wasn’t that little girl anymore who sneaks through the kitchen stealing sliced hotdogs from […]


Cinderella Day

Today I feel like I’m Cinderella. Not only because of my glass heeled slippers but also because I have tons of errands to finish today. Another funny thing is, I have to be at home also by 12noon so that I can catch my courier’s pickups at home (incase you’re at lost,


Sexy Back

Aside from off shoulders, anything backless is one of my obsessions. Maybe it’s because I got small sized babies in front that got me turning my dressing game on the other side-which is my back. Haha! So for this look, since there’s a lot if skin baring at the top, I chose to wear more […]

Off Shoulder Gaming

Since Project Kooture’s Bikini collections, I have been a sucker for the one of a kind looking bikinis – I call them the “complicated” ones because more often than not they’re more complicated to wear than the usual one piece or the two piece triangled types. What I love about this bikini is first, IT’S […]