Holiday Thoughts

Hmm.. Celebrating this year’s Christmas made me realize that a lot has changed the past few years. I was no longer that kid anymore my mom used to tag along going from houses to houses visiting relatives to get aguinaldos. I wasn’t that little girl anymore who sneaks through the kitchen stealing sliced hotdogs from […]


Dreamy White

In case you still haven’t noticed it yet, I literally go crazy over one of a kind bikinis! Since I only have my occasional getaways once in a blue moon ( because hi busy friends! Haha ) I always see to it that I have something nice to wear. The past weeks prior to our Crystal […]

DIY Strappy Lace Shoes

Fancy those laced up strappy shoes everyone has been sporting lately? Well you don’t have to spend so much just to reward yourself a new pair when you can create your own! Here’s what you’ll need:   *Pair of shoes *Hole puncher *Scissors *Cord strings I was sorting through my shoe cabinet the other day, […]