Holiday Thoughts

Hmm.. Celebrating this year’s Christmas made me realize that a lot has changed the past few years. I was no longer that kid anymore my mom used to tag along going from houses to houses visiting relatives to get aguinaldos. I wasn’t that little girl anymore who sneaks through the kitchen stealing sliced hotdogs from […]


Online Shop 101: Tips for Online Sellers

I’ve been an online seller for ProjectKooture for quite some time now, and I’m just so overwhelmed with all the positive feedbacks and love I’ve been receiving. So what a better way to share back the love by sharing some tips! I hope you find them helpful if ever you want to open your own […]

Off Shoulder Gaming

Since Project Kooture’s Bikini collections, I have been a sucker for the one of a kind looking bikinis – I call them the “complicated” ones because more often than not they’re more complicated to wear than the usual one piece or the two piece triangled types. What I love about this bikini is first, IT’S […]