Mesh With Me

The moment my friends and I planned on having a surf getaway supposedly at La Union (but instead we went to Crystal Beach Resort Read Full story here) I was already in hunt for the rashguard that I’m going to wear. Tried going to the mall and online shops but I I can’t find something […]


Dreamy White

In case you still haven’t noticed it yet, I literally go crazy over one of a kind bikinis! Since I only have my occasional getaways once in a blue moon ( because hi busy friends! Haha ) I always see to it that I have something nice to wear. The past weeks prior to our Crystal […]

Off Shoulder Gaming

Since Project Kooture’s Bikini collections, I have been a sucker for the one of a kind looking bikinis – I call them the “complicated” ones because more often than not they’re more complicated to wear than the usual one piece or the two piece triangled types. What I love about this bikini is first, IT’S […]