Tips for First Timers |First Brazilian Wax Experience


Actually, this is one of my oldest things on my bucket list! haha! This took me a ton of bravery, self motivating pep talk to finally do this. So yeah another check off of my bucket list! Just as not to keep your hopes high (lol), as much as I want to, no I won’t be posting pictures of my first Brazilian Wax experience here.

Since this year is probably the year I’m going to be a legit beach babe because of my monthly getaways -#TWELVEnturesof2016, might as well complete the experience by doing a Brazilian Wax down under.

So here are a few TIPS you might want to read before heading to your nearest waxing salon.

1. Don’t cut your pubes anymore. The longer the better. Just let the waxer do the trimming. Because if the hair’s too short, it will be harder to remove by waxing. You’ll be leaving Ate waxer with no choice but to use tweezers to remove those teeny tiny babies. Yes pulling each one of them. Yep. Not good.

2. The best time to go get a Brazilian Wax is 7 days before and 7 days after your menstruation. The first day of the “7 days after” starts at the first day of your menstruation. (i.e. You got your period March 1, plus 7 days, on the 8th you can go book an appointment already). This is important to note because you are more sensitive outside those days. Thus more pain.

3.Make your waxer’s work easier and don’t be shy. I mean they probably have seen tons of weird looking holes already. haha so there’s really no point.

4. Ate Waxer will have you do some positions that you might find awkward but just like tip no 3, no need to be shy. Everyone needs a nice clear view of what they’re working on right?

5. When it comes to the pain part, depending on your pain tolerance level, for me it was much bearable and tolerable than expected. Some would say that it feels like your whole vajayjay kimchi’s going to come off. Sure it’s going to be painful but not something that I would consider bolting out of the waxing room kind of pain. For me it was more of a tiis ganda pain I usually endure everyday like tweezing my brows etc.

6. If you regularly shave, like I do, your hair will be coarser and thicker. Again much painful.

7. You’re not allowed to get it wet for 8 hours. Also if you’re going to the beach, book your appointment atleast 2-3 days before swimming.

8. If it’s really painful, it will help if you can ask for a towel, or you can bring your own towel and bite it. (haha I did this on the very first pull.)

The session took me almost an hour without screaming or crying or anything. I was very happy with the result. No more worries on the beach getting ugly embarrassing “ipis” like antennas poking out on my bikini!

It has been a month already since my last session, and the new hair growth appears much lighter, less thicker and also has decreased in number by almost 50%. Will definitely include this in my monthly beauty and hygiene routine!

Let me know how yours goes! Also feel free to share your tips too! <3



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